Intro to Creative Lettering

We're SO excited to welcome Ohio-based artist Natalie of Natterdoodle to Lemon Gem for a PEN PARTY! (Yeah-uh!)

Do you love the look of hand lettering, but are not sure where to start? Embrace your handwriting (we promise it's not that bad!) and turn it into a creative lettering style unique to YOU!

This pen party is a workshop with a focus on having a good time, embracing your creativity and familiarizing yourself with hand-lettering basics.

Turn your ordinary handwriting into a creative, faux-ligraphy style all your own.

• Learn hand-lettering lingo

• Learn the basic strokes of a playful script alphabet

• Practice strokes and movements to connect letters and make artful words

• Learn a hand-lettering style that you can use with any pen in your drawer

• Create a small finished design to take home and pat yourself on the back (yay for you!)

• Class includes demonstrations and practice time

• Each participant will receive a package of materials to keep, including a workbook, a set of lettering pens and a personalized thank you gift from the artist

• Participants may bring snacks and drinks to the pen party; BYOB is encouraged.

This workshop is recommended for beginners or those who just really love a BYOB pen party!

To register, click here! Wanna tell your friends and fam? Invite them on Facebook!

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