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Cooking With Kids :: Unicorn Bark

A couple weeks ago my crazy-adorable nieces and nephew were in town for a visit, and my oldest niece Nora had her first sleepover at our house. We live in an abode that was built in 1902 (and all the squeaks and creaks that come with that ... not to mention her room was on the third floor!), and I was worried about it feeling intimidating to her tiny self (probably an unnecessary worry, but this was our first sleepover, too!).

So, being the planner that I am, I lined up some activities of things she loves: arts and crafts, cooking and anything involving a princess created by a certain company based in Florida. As for the cooking, my first thought was to do cookies or cupcakes, but they were feeling a bit uninspiring — and the length of the process (mixing to baking to getting to the fun part, decorating and eating) seemed like it could be a bit long for such a youngster's attention span.

Enter a quick, easy and colorful idea: Unicorn Bark!

It's as simple as an almond bark baking bar, food coloring and your choice of edible decoration. Nora loved getting to tint the bark different colors, and then had me swirl them together before she unloaded almost a whole jar of pink sprinkles, lol.

Start to finish it took about 10-15 minutes, then about an hour of setting time in the refrigerator. So by the time we did our coloring and painting games in the dining room, the bark was ready for a *small* snack (cuz Lord knows this had a lot of sugar), jammies and a showing of "Moana." And yes ... I did cry ... twice. :-)

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:: Ingredients ::

Almond Bark baking bar

Food coloring (we used pink, purple, orange and green)

Choice of sprinkles (we did pink sugar and the chalky pastel stars)

:: Directions ::

1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Set aside.

2. Divide the almond bark squares evenly among four microwave-proof bowls. Microwave each bowl until bark is melted (refer to package for time suggestions).

3. Add one color of food coloring to each bowl of melted bark, tinting to your preference. (We kept ours on the more pastel side).

4. Using a regular spoon, place dollops of each color close to one another on the baking sheet until you use up what's in the bowls. Then taking an offset/icing spatula and slowly smooth the dollops together to close the gaps. Swirl around until you're happy with how the colors are combining, then add sprinkles!

5. Let set in the fridge for about an hour, then break and eat for a magical treat. :-)

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