RECIPE :: Gemonade Lemonade

Local tea maven Katie Marquez of Conscious Apothecary shares a summertime recipe for turning our custom-blend herbal tea into a refreshing lemonade.

One happy day last September, I got a Facebook message from botanical alchemist Katie Marquez of Conscious Apothecary. I knew Katie at the time as a manager at one of my favorite veg-friendly restaurants — Lulu's Local Eatery on South Grand — and even though we didn't know each other well, I did know one thing for sure: Her teas were (and are) delicious. I'd had several at Lulu's before, and with each sip you could just taste all the love and good vibes she pours into her blends.

So it was pretty much a no-brainer when she asked about stocking her concoctions in the shop. And I was over-the-moon excited when she mentioned doing a custom blend that incorporated calendula, which is a variety of marigold, as is Lemon Gem. (That's right: Our shop name comes from an edible flower, not citrus fruit!) And thus: Gemonade was born.


And for our first blog post (yay!), Katie has graced us with a really refreshing recipe that turns Gemonade into a delicious lemonade, and it's as easy as tea, lemons and coconut sugar.

The recipe is very straightforward, but I will share one tip that we do in our house when we make iced tea via the hot-brew method: After you make the tea and it's still warm, add your sweetener of choice before putting it into the fridge to chill. This helps it incorporate into the tea a bit more evenly. Now: Onto the show!



(Makes 1 quart)

1/4 cup loose Gemonade tea

4 cups water, boiled

3 lemons, juiced

1/2 to 3/4 cup sweetener to taste (maple syrup, agave or coconut sugar)

Steep tea in pitcher with water for 5 minutes. Remove leaves. Add sweetener (I used 1/2 cup coconut sugar). Put in fridge until chilled. Remove from fridge, add lemon juice and stir. Pour over ice and enjoy!

And if you'd love to learn more from Katie, she'll be hosting a Summer Sun Tea Party at Lemon Gem tomorrow (July 7) at 1 p.m. For more information and to sign up, click here!

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