Self-Confidence 101

Do you feel like your confidence and courage have slowly been eroded away? So much that it's stopping you from being who you know you are and creating what is possible for you?

If so... this workshop is for you.

Would you agree that we all want to live a life that is confident, purposeful, inspiring, flourishing, meaningful, loving and free from fear? A life where we can handle challenges that come our way and overcome barriers quicker, with more focus, drive and determination so that we can live a life we love?

A life where we believe in ourselves and our abilities?

A life where we have trust that whatever is put in the path we will be able to handle it to the best of our abilities?

That is how Coach Meg defines confidence.

She works with the premise that you have everything you need inside of you already....

The trickery? You may have forgotten or you may have been so well programmed and conditioned you believe that you don't; that you just have no frame of reference to believe you are worthy, capable, fearless, bold, brave, unique and amazing.

You — and I — and everyone have been taught that fear is normal....

But it's not.

Join me and a safe, intimate group of amazing people for this two-hour workshop and let's get you headed toward a newfound self-confidence that seriously has the power to change EVERYTHING for you and every single life that you touch.

There are two ticket options:

VIP Seat

We will be doing some reflection work and Megan will be giving you practical steps to begin to walk out your life more confidently and boldly in every area. She will supply everything you will need -- even a journal for notes -- but feel free to bring your own, if you'd like.

VIP seat + 60-minute coaching call to debrief & begin to walk out your self-confidence

You will get everything mentioned above PLUS one private 60-minute in-person, phone or Skype session with Megan at your convenience to debrief about where you are now with your self-confidence and plan out how to get you to where you want to be. One 60-minute coaching session normally costs $85 on its own, so now is a great time to take advantage of this special offer to work with her privately and start living the party of your life!

Head over to the Facebook event page to grab your ticket!

Learn more about coaching with Meg here: https://www.yourcoachmeg.com/youme

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